The Rivethead … My Spirit Animal

College is meant not only to educate us, but also to open doors to things that we may normally have never been exposed to. It's probably why, for the majority of people, the college years serve as an epilogue for childhood, and a prologue to the inevitable drubbing the real world is waiting to give... Continue Reading →

Good Riddance, Rick Pitino

I feel very strongly about amateur and youth sports. For much of the last 20 years, I have been involved in youth or amateur athletics in one capacity or another. I coached all three of my daughters and my two sons in basketball and baseball, respectively. After high school, I got to become a teammate... Continue Reading →

What Happened…What’s the Point?

It's unbelievable that we're already approaching the first anniversary of Donald Trump's stunning election night defeat of then-Presidential favorite, Hillary Clinton. In that time, a lot has changed, and whether you voted for Donald Trump or not, it's hard to argue that this nation isn't more divided than ever.

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